2, 4.03.2012 - Opera National de Montpellier, R. Strauss „Electra“ - Clitamnestra, cond. Michael Schoenwandt, /Janice Baird as Electra/

20, 21.03.2012 - Frederic Chopin Music University of Warsaw - dep. Bialystok - vocal masterclass

22.03.2012 - Philharmonie Bialystok - concert „Spanish songs“ piano accompaniment by Mariusz Rutkowski, Agata Teodorczyk- flamenco dance, Jakub Niedoborek- flamenco guitar

12, 14, 16, 18, 19, 21, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30.06.2012 - Teatro Real Madrid - C. Monteverdi/P.Boesmans „Poppea e Nerone“- Nutrice, con. S. Cambreling, dir. K. Warlikowski, N. Michael as Poppea, Ch. Castrinovo as Nerone, M. R. Wesseling as Ottavia

14.07-22.07.2012 - Masterclass

Agency "Vocalart" prof. Jadwiga Rappe, and Agency "Szwedart" Andrzej Szwed invite volunteers to participate in activities "masterclass" on 07.14.2012- 07.22.2012.
Daily, 1-hour lessons will be taught by Prof. Jadwiga Rappe and Dr Artur Stefanowicz, accompanied by experienced chamber musicians: pianist Mrs. Alina Hoffmann and harpsichordist, Mr. Krzysztof Garstka. Repertoire any.
Classes will be held in a private studio in Warsaw. Narbutta- str., and a large number of applicants Mr. Stefanowicz will conduct their classes in the studio in Podkowa Lesna.
Number of persons limited to 8 participants educator.
Total cost is 1200 PLN per person. You can get the bills for payment.
At the end of masterclass is planned on 22.7.2012 concert of participants in the Palace-Casino in Podkowa Lesna. Participation in the concert is free and voluntary.
If you are willing, please report via e-mail or until 06/30/2012.

14.10.2012 - Podkowa Le¶na - Stawisko - Museum J. A. Iwaszkiewicz - „Muzyczne Konfrontacje“ - Festival - concert - duo – recital with Urszula Kryger - mezzosoprano and Mariusz Rutkowski - piano

5.11-9.11.2012 - National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra - recording sessions „Loneliness“ - songs - cykle by P. Moss, cond. by Jerzy Maksymiuk


March 2011 - "Das Lied von der Erde" by G. Mahler will be published. Performance by Jadwiga Rappe - alto, Piotr Kusiewicz - tenor, and Great Symphonic Orchestra of Polish Radio and Television in Katowice, conducted by Michael Zilm. This is a live recording from 1989, only performance of this piece with polish symphonic orchestra and polish solists.

30th March 2011 - Cycle of songs by Piotr Moss, "Loneliness", written for alto and symphonic orchestra will be performed in Studio of Polish Radio

W. Lutosławskiego. Songs are written especially for Jadwiga Rappe /premiere in September of 2009/. Singer performance will be accompanied by Sinfonia Iuventus Orchestra conducted by Jerzy Maksymiuk.

25th April, 27th April, 29th April, 2nd May, 5th May, 7th May, 10th May, 12th May, 14th May 2011 - "King Roger" by K. Szymanowski will be performed in Teatro Real Madryt directed by K. Warlikowski. Jadwiga Rappe will perform as Diakonissa.

22nd May 2011 - Palace Kasyno in Podkowa Le¶na, concert "4 seasons" for children, part of "Children Philharmonic". During the concert songs by S. Moniuszko will be performed by students of the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music. Monika Wilska - soprano, Anna Fijałkowska - mezzo soprano, Wanda Franek - alto, Stanisław Zyskowski - tenor, Tomasz Kumięga - baritone, Aleksander Dębicz - piano.

23th of May 2011 - Wrocław - B. Britten „Noye's Fludd“ - Mrs. Noye part

29th of May 2011 - Palace in Moszna - vocal duo of Jadwiga Rappe and Urszula Kryger - mezzo soprano, of S. Moniuszko, A. Dargomyżski, R. Schumann and F. Mendelssohn. Accompaniment by Mariusz Rutkowski - piano.

12th of June 2011 - Philharmonic in Lublin, performance of "Kindertotenlieder" by G. Mahler. The Orchestra of Lublins Philharmonic will be conducted by Piotr Wijatkowski.

19th of June 2011 - Cracow, Cracow's Philharmonic, "VIII Symphony" by G. Mahler will be performed by Orchestra and Choir of Cracow's Philharmonic conducted by Paweł Przytocki. Jadwiga Rappe will sing part of alto I and Mulier Samaritan

1st of July 2011 - National Philharmonic, Premiere of a piece by Paweł Mykietyn. Piece written especially for polish presidence in United Europe.

7th of August 2011 - Otwock Wielki, recital of songs by M. Karłowicz, R. Schumann, and R. Wagner. Accompaniment of Mariusz Rutkowski - piano.

4th September 2011, at 17:00 – Museum of Anna and Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz in Podkowa Le¶na. Chamber concert during which Joanna Freszel – soprano, Monika Wilska – soprano, Jadwiga Rappe – alto, and Mariusz Rutkowski – piano will perform pieces by K. Szymanowski nad M. Małecki.

9th of September 2011 - Cathedral in Gniezno, concert of pieces by J.S. Bach with accompaniment of Michał Dąbrowski - organ, Janusz Wawrowski - violin.During the concert arias and cantata performed together with Bogumiła Dziel-Wawrowska - soprano.

10th - 14th of September 2011 - recording sessions of german duets by J. Brahms, R. Schumann, and F. Mendelssohn with Urszula Kryger - mezzo soprano and Hartmut Hoell - piano

15th - 22nd of September 2011 - one week for masterclass /in private studio of Jadwiga Rappe in Warsaw/ with very good russian pianist Marina Bielashuk. 22nd September 2011 – Concert „Multi Culti“ in Casino Palace in Podkowa Le¶na. Attendees of Jadwiga Rappe's master classes (singers from Estonia, Spain and Poland) will perform accompanied by a great russian pianist – Marina Belashuk, lecturer of Gniesin Academy of Music.

Sponsors :

24th September 2011 - Warsaw Philharmonic, final concert of „Warsaw Autumn“ Festival, alto part in a piece by L. Nono „Il canto sospeso“

1st, 2nd of October 2011 - Musikverein in Vienna, performance of "Stabat Mater" by K. Szymanowski with Musikverein Orchestra conducted by Andrzej Boreyko

15th of October 2011, at 11:15 - Warsaw University of Music, seminar „Russian songs“ during classes „Study of songs“

22nd of October 2011, at 14:15 - Warsaw University of Music, seminar „Russian songs“ during classes „Study of songs“


Lately, new cd albums with Jadwiga Rappe's participantion were published
1. „Polskie Radio Dzieciom" PRCD 1062- Artist performed a few songs by Witold Lutosławski with lyrics by Julian Tuwim.

2. Grażyna Bacewicz- „Przygoda Króla Artura" PRCD 1189, Jadwiga Rappe as a Witch, radio opera performed by solists of Polish Radio Choir in Cracow and Polish Radio
Orchestra in Warsaw, conducted by Łukasz Borowicz.

3. Krzysztof Baculewski- „Les Adieux" DUX 0725 - songs cycle for string orchestra and harp dedicated to Jadwiga Rappe, performed by The Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Szymon Bywalec

4. Stanisław Moniuszko- „Songs", DUX 0743, selected songs by S. Moniuszko with the accompaniment of Maja Nosowska- archival recording of Polish Radio.

20th- 29th August 2010- Jadwiga Rappe's VIIth Master Vocal Course in Suwałki will take place. For details contact:


24th of May - 2nd of July 2009 - Opera Bastille in Paris; Jadwiga Rappe as Diakonisa will take part in the premiere production of the „King Roger" opera by K. Szymanowski.
Dates of performances: 18.06, 20.06, 23.06, 25.06, 28.06, 30.06, 2.07

3rd-4th of July 2009 - Planned recording of songs cycle "Les Adieux" by K. Baculewski with the participation of symphonic orchestra of Białystok Philarmonic. Orchestra will be conducted by Marcin Nałęcz-Niesiołowski for DUX company.

4th-14th of July 2009 - Suwałki; Jadwiga Rappe will give VIth vocal master classes under the patronage of Polish Asociation of Teachers of Singing. For more information e-mail

13th- 14th of August 2009 - Głuchołazy; concerts during the music master classes , dedicated to music by J.S.Bach for voice, organ, and violin.

20th-30th of August 2009 - Gdańsk ; vocal master classes organized by Impressio Art Management will take place.

11th of September 2009 - Białystok; world premiere of songs cycle "Loneliness" by Piotr Moss with poems by E. Cummings. Symphonic Orchestra of Białystok Philharmonic will be conducted by Marcin Nałęcz- Niesiołowski.

13th September 2009 - Lutomiersk; during the festival Jadwiga Rappe /alto/, Urszula Kryger /mezzosoprano/, and Jarosław Malanowicz /organ/ will perform pieces by polish romantic and contemporary composers.

25th of September 2009 - Concert Hall in Katowice; inauguration of artistic season 2009/2010. In the programme II Symphony by G. Mahler. Katowice Philharmonic Orchestra will be conducted by Mirosław Jacek Błaszczyk.

2nd October 2009 - Concert Hall in Bydgoszcz; Wagner gala, in the programme "Wesendonk Lieder", operatic arias.

7th October 2009 - The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music; Jadwiga Rappe will take part in the romantic chamber music concert. Songs by F. Chopin to the accompaniment of Maja Nosowska /piano/ will be performed.

10th October 2009 - Opera in Poznań; Jadwiga Rappe will perform as Quickly during the concert version of „Falstaff" opera by G. Verdi.

14th of October- 18th of November 2009 - Opera in Barcelona; Jadwiga Rappe will perform as Diakonisa during „King Roger" opera by K. Szymanowski.
Dates of performances: 2.11, 5.11, 7.11, 8.11, 10.11, 11.11, 18.11

12th of November 2009 - Barcelona; recital of songs by. K. Szymanowski to the accompaniment of Mariusz Rutkowski /piano/ and Janusz Wawrowski /violin/

27th of November 2009 - Collegium Nobilium at Warsaw University, recital of polish composers songs /Karłowicz, Lutosławski, Fitelberg


31st March 2008- Dworzakowa Siń In Praha, „Gong. Sinfonietta for mezzosoprano, choir, and orchestra" by Ladislav Kubik , the world premiere of this piece will be performed.
The Symphonic Orchestra of Czech Radio will be conducted by Guillaume Tourniaire

- Royal Castle in Warsaw- „Spanish songs- recital"; F.G. Lorca,
H. Wolf, D. Szostakowicz, and M. De Falla. Jadwiga Rappe- alto, pieces for violin by spanish composers: Magdalena Makowska, Mariusz Rutkowski- piano. Concert will be registered by pr. II of Polish Radio.

- Concert Hall of Polish Radio, Festiwal „Warszawskie Spotkania Muzyczne"- K. Baculewski. „Les Adieux"- cantata will be performed with Chamber Orchestra „Wratislavia"

- Drozdowo- participation in the jury of the W. Lutoslawski Music Competition

- Israel- performance of "Das Klagende Lied" by G. Mahler

- „Chain V" Festiwal, organised by the Witold Lutosławski Socjety. The concept of a part of concerts by Jadwiga Rappé. Details on the webpage of the Witold Lutosławski Society

- Suwałki- V Vocal Masterclass organised by Jadwiga Rappé under the patronage of Society of polish teatchers for singing
Participation in the contest- Dorota Cybulska-Amsler- cembalo, realization b.c. /Switzerland/.
For more information e-mail Marlena Borowska:


The projekt of Witold Lutosławski Society called "Lutolandia" will have increased input and be published in a form of a DVD with the help of Bank Gospodarki Żywno¶ciowej Foundation and be send to educational institutions across Poland.

„Chester" publisher evaluated very positively vocal cycle "Chantefleurs et Chantefables" by W. Lutosławski, which new version was lately composed by Eugeniusz Knapik (version for soprano and piano). "Chester" is interested in publishing the cycle with the cooperation with PWM, what would be a great success in the promotion of the W. Lutosławski creative activity all around the world. The initiator of the new version composing was Jadwiga Rappe- president of The Witold Lutoslawski Society.

The action of disseminating "Lutolandia" which was recorded during "Chain IV" festival is in progress.